Store your precious metals with New Zealand Vault

Store your precious metals with New Zealand Vault

New Zealand Vault has partnered with the Gold Survival Guide to provide their bullion clients with a state-of-the-art safety deposit box storage solution. We offer storage services for both clients living in New Zealand and clients living offshore.

All safety deposit boxes are within treasury grade vaults located in both Auckland and Wellington. Both vaults have been built to the highest standard and are fitted with the most sophisticated multi-level security systems operating 24/7. All bullion is fully allocated and segregated.

It is a simple and seamless process to open a safety deposit box and our friendly customer support team will be more than happy to take you through each step.

For our safety deposit box service, we charge an annual fixed fee for the box. Clients can also opt to have their bullion insured through our comprehensive policy. If you are interested in this service please let one of our team know and they will provide details of this service.

Safety deposit box service for New Zealand based clients

For our domestic clients we have a variety of different sized safety deposit boxes. Depending on the size and weight of your bullion, our customer support team will be able to recommend the most appropriate box type and the annual fee for this box. All you need to do is click the below button to request a storage consultation with New Zealand Vault. One of the New Zealand Vault team will arrange a time with you to visit our facilities, take you through the different box options, and open your safety deposit box.

All safety deposit boxes require two keys to open them. New Zealand Vault will hold one key required to open your box, and you will be provided with the other key required to open your box. (You’ll receive two copies of your key for safe keeping). Once you’ve opened your safety deposit box, you will also be provided with an access card and will be able to access the safety deposit box vault with your card during opening hours.

Request a storage consultation with New Zealand Vault

Safety deposit box service for offshore clients

If you live outside of New Zealand, New Zealand Vault is pleased to advise that we are able to offer an offshore storage programme to Gold Survival Guide clients.  The storage programme offers safety deposit boxes which can hold up to 10kgs of gold or silver for one annual fee of USD $695.00.

Clients can open a box through a simple online process without the need to travel to New Zealand.  Once your online registration has been completed, a New Zealand Vault staff member will contact you and discuss the process for receiving your bullion.

All safety deposit boxes for international clients require two keys to open them.  New Zealand Vault holds one key, and the other is held by CROWE Australasia New Zealand Limited who will be acting on your behalf. Both keys are required in order to open the safety deposit box and both parties will only act on your written instructions.  As a result, you are in complete control as to who can access your safety deposit box.

CROWE Australasia along with a New Zealand Vault staff member will deposit your bullion into your safety deposit box. When this process is complete, you will receive a confirmation letter. All of the CROWE Australasia services are included within the annual fixed fee.  

In just 4 easy steps your safety deposit box can be opened and ready to receive bullion.

Step 1.

Complete our online registration, review and accept our Safe Deposit Box Terms and Conditions.

Step 2.

We will email you an invoice with a link to make a secure payment.

Step 3.

We require a copy of each of the following forms of ID authorised by a Notary as a true copy and it represents the identity of the named individual:

  1. One copy of photo ID (passport, gun license or driver's license); plus
  2. One form of secondary ID (any government or bank issued card or document that has your name and signature); plus
  3. Proof of your address (utility invoice, or bank document that has your address on it and is not more than 3 months old).

Step 4.

Post your authorised identification documents back to:

  • New Zealand Vault
  • PO Box 10206
  • Wellington - 6143
  • New Zealand

Open a safety deposit box now